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A Guide to Choosing the Best Birthday Blooms

There is nothing better than celebrating a birthday with bright and vibrant flowers that will last for days after the festivities have ended. Freshen up the birthday girl or boy’s office space, living room, or bedroom with something that is sure to make them smile. Easily have them delivered for a birthday surprise, dress up the table for their birthday dinner, or pair them with fun balloons for classic birthday decor next to their cake. However they find their special birthday blooms, they will love the thought you put into picking out just the right ones from Allan’s Flowers, the top florist in Prescott.  No matter who the birthday bouquet is for, you can never go wrong with a tasteful multicolored arrangement. Birthday celebrations are filled with color. Here are a few of our favorite colorful birthday blooms of all time.

The Top Flowers to Give for Birthdays


Can't decide what color of roses are your favorite? Then we suggest you mix it up a little and enjoy the beauty of our dozen assorted roses! This classic arrangement features one dozen vibrant roses surrounded by a variety of greenery. Our rose colors vary depending on availability. This versatile arrangement would make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, or just because!

One Dozen Mixed Color Roses


Roses are a timeless bloom that always means “I love you.” Whether you are sending roses to a significant other, parent, family member, or friend, there is a wide array of colors to choose from so you can send the most appropriate birthday message. White roses are appropriate for a child’s birthday as they represent innocence, yellow roses are perfect for any friend as they represent friendship and joy, and pink roses are a beautiful sentiment for anyone to receive as they represent happiness, admiration, and appreciation.

This cheery arrangement spreads joy and a sense of well-being. Wild Canary features roses, alstroemeria, Asiatic lilies, and solidago surrounded by a variety of foliage. This bright bouquet will add a touch of happiness to any home or office. We want you to have the best so we may sub products of equal or greater value is a product is unavailable. Please understand substitutions may be made. If you have questions about this please call our shop directly,

Wild Canary


Lilies have been a popular flower to celebrate spring occasions throughout history and have since become the Finnish national flower. Filled with happiness and positivity, these bold and hardy blooms are sure to make a statement within any birthday arrangement and last for weeks. Celebrate spring birthdays with lilies as a reminder to the birthday girl or boy that they radiate joy and bring positivity to the world.

Exotic blue dendrobium orchids are paired perfectly with blue hydrangea, a little lime green hypericum adds a pop to the blue. Hand-designed in a clear glass vase and delivered to someone special in your life!

Blue Orchid Dreams


Orchids are a wonderful birthday flower as they represent thoughtfulness, beauty, charm, and love. Like roses, orchids can be found in a large variety of colors with beautiful symbolism. Find their favorite color or select the most appropriate color based on its meaning. A few orchid colors that make a perfect birthday bloom are yellow, representing joy and friendship, green, representing good health and blessings, lavender, representing elegance and grace, and pink, representing joy, happiness, playfulness, and romance.

Sprinkle a little happiness into someone's day! This beautiful arrangement of sunflowers in a clear glass vase will bring a glow to any occasion. Sprinkle of Sunshine is the perfect way to send your warmest wishes to friends, family, and loved ones. We want you to have the best so we may sub products of equal or greater value if a product is unavailable. Please understand substitutions may be made. If you have questions about this please call our shop directly.

Sprinkle of Sunflowers


We believe that you can never go wrong with sunflowers. They radiate positivity and are a sunny symbol of optimism, inspiration, growth, longevity, vitality, peace, and so much more. Sunflowers can brighten up anyone’s day and add an uplifting, cheerful tone to a birthday girl or boy’s office space, living room, or bedroom. What could be better for celebrating a birthday?

Bringing smiles with local flower delivery is our specialty! Dreaming of Roses is a beautiful bouquet that features a variety of roses, Carnations, Snapdragon, Alstroemeria, Matsumoto Asters, and other premium foliage. This bright design would look beautiful as flowers for the table, the perfect birthday gift, or as a Mother's Day gift. If you want us to deliver roses, but want something a bit less traditional, we suggest sending this unique design.

Dreaming of Roses

Birth Flowers

Birth flowers are another fun way to help select the best birthday bouquet for your loved ones. Like a birthstone, each month has a significant flower or two that best represents the season, tone, and feel of the month. Take a look at the guide below to learn which flowers are dedicated to each month.

January – Carnations and Snowdrop

February – Violet and Primrose

March – Daffodil and Jonquil

April – Daisy and Sweet Pea

May – Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

June – Rose and Honeysuckle

July – Larkspur and Water Lily

August – Gladiolus and Poppy

September – Aster and Morning Glory

October – Marigold and Cosmos

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Narcissus and Holly

Shopping for the perfect birthday botanicals and blooms for your friends, family, and significant other should be an enjoyable experience. Keep your eye out for fun and uplifting colors, thoughtful symbolism, and alluring fragrances that are sure to last for days or weeks after. We are certain you will find the best birthday blooms and celebratory bouquets here at Allan’s Flowers.