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What Flowers Bloom in Springtime?

The weather's getting warmer, and the days are growing longer, which means springtime is just around the corner! At Allan's Flowers, it's our favorite time of the year! We're not only excited to see the cacti around Prescott beginning to bloom, but we're also looking forward to stocking our flower shop with the beautiful blooms of spring. You can celebrate the arrival of spring, too, by freshening your home with a vibrant bouquet of seasonal flowers. Surprising Facts about Spring Flowers In the United States, spring officially starts on the vernal equinox, the point on the Earth's orbit around the Sun when daylight and darkness are the same length and after which days grow longer in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, the vernal equinox is on March 19th. In other parts of the world, the start of spring is celebrated only when certain flowers are in bloom. For example, Japan officially recognizes spring once their national flower, the cherry blossom, has begun to bloom. Read More about What Flowers Bloom in Springtime? »
Posted by Rakini Chinery on February 18, 2020 | Last Updated: February 25, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers Gifts

Enjoy Your Bouquet Forever with These Fast Flower Drying Techniques

Most people see floral bouquets as fleeting objects of beauty. As romantic as the notion of fleeting beauty sounds, the beauty of a floral arrangement can actually last forever, if you choose to dry and preserve its flowers. The traditional and most effective way to dry flowers is to gather and tie their stems to hang them upside down in a location out of the direct sunlight. This method is the best way to preserve a bouquet's colors and shape. Unfortunately, it can take several days for flowers to dry using this method — even in Prescott's relatively dry air. If you'd rather have your flowers dried and displayed quickly, you can use any of the following methods recommended by our experts at Allan's Flowers. Bouquet of Dried Roses Read More about Enjoy Your Bouquet Forever with These Fast Flower Drying Techniques »
Posted by Rakini Chinery on December 31, 2019 Flowers