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Posted by Rakini Chinery on January 25, 2023 | Last Updated: January 27, 2023 Uncategorized

A Guide to Sentimental Gifts for Close Family & Friends

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start ordering those beautiful blooms for all the loves of your life. While red roses are an obvious choice for your significant other, you may be wondering which flowers are appropriate to send to your family this Valentine’s Day. Here at Allan’s Flowers, the top florist in Prescott, our experts have curated the ideal list of colorful, symbolic, luxurious, and classic blooms that each member of your family – and the friend who’s like family – is sure to love.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

When we think of buying a Valentine’s Day gift for our fathers or grandfathers, we often turn to golf accessories, new ties, or coffee mugs with sentimental sayings. This year, gift the unexpected but equally thoughtful. Guys love to receive and admire fresh blooms just as much as women! Mother Nature certainly did wonders in creating colorful, fragrant, uplifting, and overall amazing gifts called flowers. So, swap the golf balls for hydrangeas, the ties for gerbera daisies, and the mugs for sunflowers.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

For a thoughtful and loving surprise for moms on Valentine’s Day, send them a bouquet full of fresh-cut roses. While red roses should be reserved for their husband or romantic partner, as their child or grandchild, gravitate toward symbolic hues like lavender, white, or pink. You can also signify motherly love by including carnations in their bouquet. This simple gesture will mean the world to the maternal figures you cherish and adore.

Gifts for Your Brother

Valentine’s Day gifts for brothers should express your care and support for their mood, health, and their space. You might remember your brother’s childhood bedroom, so perhaps their office or home could use a little sprucing up, too – you never grow out of teasing your siblings. Low-maintenance plants, like succulents and peace lilies, are the ideal gift that keeps on giving with the ability to uplift, refresh, and send messages of sibling love.

Gifts for Your Sister

Sisters, and the besties who are like sisters, will always be there to guide you, challenge you, love you, and tease you. It’s another sibling love that cannot be rivaled or taken for granted. On Valentine’s Day, honor the bond you have through sweet, graceful, and colorful blooms. From her favorites to the classics, like roses and daisies, and symbolic hues, like peach and yellow, which represent appreciation, lightheartedness, positivity, sincerity, and friendship, your options are endless.

Gifts for Your Partner

Dazzling red roses are the traditional icons of Valentine’s Day and the ultimate gift to send your significant other. Whether a bouquet of one dozen classic roses or an arrangement that mixes in fresh lilies and stunning white roses, the sentiment will be bursting at the seams with passion, romance, longing, grace, elegance, beauty, and of course, love. After setting the tone with a romantic bouquet, give them a gift that pairs elegantly with their fresh flowers. Your partner will be overwhelmed by your love and thoughtfulness.

There is no better gift to warm the hearts of your family members than symbolic flowers this Valentine’s Day. No matter how luxurious, classic, or sentimental you want your gift to be, you can always convey the perfect message with fresh blooms. Don’t wait to start shopping for Valentine’s Day arrangements at Allan’s Flowers in Prescott.