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Celebrating the Holidays with Hygge in Mind

Incorporating hygge into your holiday season can be done just about anywhere. This Danish transition is one that lights us up from the inside and fills our hearts with gratitude and warmth. Whether it be the simplicity of everyday life or experiencing laughter and cheer with others, your friends here at Allan’s Flowers, the top florist in Prescott, are sharing seven steps to feeling comfortable in your home, more connected to loved ones, and thankful for the simple observations in our everyday. 

Seven Steps to Holiday Hygge

Composition of candles on  white table against the background of sofa at home

Start with Your Environment

Creating hygge for the holidays begins with your surroundings. Start with the room in your home where you spend the most time, like the living room or common hangout area, and turn it into a cozy oasis. Eliminate any clutter or items that don’t give you warm fuzzy feelings and replace them with cute holiday decor. Dim the lights, light a few candles with seasonal fragrances that bring back wonderful memories, and hang soft white Christmas lights. Finally, add a bouquet of fresh flowers, like white hydrangea, roses, poinsettias, and magnolias.

Woman in warm socks with cup of hot drink relaxing on knitted blanket, top view

Get Comfortable

Once your personal space is looking and feeling homey and cozy, it is time for you to enjoy it. Put on your favorite loungewear, throw on soft, thick socks, wrap yourself in a big ole’ blanket, and prop yourself up against marshmallow-like pillows. Getting yourself comfortable allows you to relax, find peace in your space, and be present in the following moments.

Christmas cookies with decorations on table. A festive meal, cookies with fruit to celebrate Christmas.

Find Joy in Your Favorite Meals & Holiday Treats

Hygge is about finding the simple pleasure in life and taking the time to enjoy them. While some holiday goodies may not fall into the “healthy” category, give yourself permission to indulge for at least a day without feeling guilty. Eat and drink what makes you feel happy and blissful, whether it’s hot coffee, hot cocoa, coffee cakes, apple pie, Christmas cookies, or an extra slice of ham. Savor the flavors, eat mindfully, and show gratitude for the ability to enjoy your favorite food.

Christmas Decorations and Female Hands, Holiday Background

Indulge in a Relaxing Hobby

While you set up your space for some rest and relaxation and you’re looking and feeling your most comfortable, what do you do now? Well, this is your time to get back into a hobby or just “Netflix and chill.” Pick up that book you have yet to finish or start a new and exciting title, knit a scarf for yourself or a loved one, calmly play with your pet, build a puzzle with an image that brings you bliss, or challenge your family to a friendly and peaceful game night. Whatever you choose to do, do it with hygge.

Cozy place. Morning coffee on the veranda. Morning coffee outside. Country house. Scandinavian hygge

Spend Time with Mother Nature

Another main component of finding hygge is observance and connection. Even in the brittle cold winter months, it is essential to connect with Mother Nature and observe the beauty and wonder she has created. Don’t be afraid of a bit of snow. Instead, breathe in that fresh and crisp air that prompts you to slow down, find peace, and be fully in the moment. Take a walk through nature, build a snowman, hunt for wildflowers, or tend to your garden or greenhouse.

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Enjoy the Company of Friends & Family

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with loved ones. From dinner parties and family brunches to putting up the Christmas tree and decorating or enjoying holiday traditions together, finding hygge with your family and friends means prioritizing your presence over presents. So, clear your schedule for a few days, seek out new adventures together, create new traditions that you can look forward to, and watch a few nostalgic holiday movies while you get cozy with cups of hot cocoa.

Mature father with two small children resting indoors at home, looking at photo album.

Be Present

It is always good to be reminded that the holiday season is less about presents and gifts and more about presence and being in the moment. Whether you are spending time with family, taking a solo walk outside, getting cozy by the fireplace with a book, or watching a holiday movie with friends, make sure your laptops are closed, phones are put away, and all your attention is drawn towards the now.

Throughout this holiday season, we hope you enjoy the peace it brings and experience many laughs and quality time with loved ones. As you incorporate more hygge into the days ahead, don’t forget to seek comfort and warmth from the winter floral arrangements here at Allan’s Flowers. Whether you admire them in your own home, gift them to a loved one, or create a magnificent centerpiece for your family holiday table, flowers can offer a wealth of hygge during this season.