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How to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language During Romance Month

Did you know that Romance Awareness Day lands on August 14th, six months after Valentine’s Day? Eileen Buchheim, the founder of Romance Awareness Month, hoped to encourage couples to keep their romance alive and improve their relationships all year round. It’s important to note that romance doesn’t always stem from the big, grand date nights and planned surprises but can also flourish from the little romance you bring into your everyday life. This can be as silly as singing and dancing while you make dinner together or as simple as saying “I love you” and holding hands. This August, Allan’s Flowers is honoring Eileen Buchheim and encouraging you to spend more quality time with your significant other and say “I love you” through romantic gestures like sending flowers. 

Ways to Celebrate Romance Month and Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

There are thousands of ways to celebrate Romance Month this August, from creative date ideas and tokens of love to the little things you do throughout the day that remind each other of your deep connection. However, there is nothing better than speaking your partner’s love language! Dr. Gary Chapman introduced five ways to express love, and each person has a “love language” that makes them feel heard, appreciated, and respected. These languages are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, receiving gifts, and acts of service. So, this Romance Month, speak your partner’s love language with these fun and romantic ideas.

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Leave Love Notes – Words of Affirmation

No matter what your daily routine looks like, leaving love notes for your significant other to find throughout their day will have them smiling and thinking fondly of you until you reunite. Stick notes to the bathroom mirror, on their morning coffee mug, in the fridge, and even on the steering wheel in their car. Draw funny pictures to make them laugh or write sweet reminders to make them feel beautiful and loved.

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Enjoy a Long Weekend Away – Quality Time

Pack your bags and enjoy a weekend getaway to spend some quality time with your sweetheart. A short but sweet Romance Month vacation is just what some couples need to quiet the outside noise, remove themselves from all distractions, and focus on being present with their partner. Whether you explore a new destination together or jet off to your favorite happy place, this time away should be dedicated to re-learning what you love about your significant other.

Go Dancing – Physical Touch

Turn on your favorite music, see a live band, or attend a dance class together. Dancing can be either upbeat and exciting or slow and smooth, but it will always be a way to physically connect with your partner and bask in a collection of romantic moments. Every step, dip, spin, and gaze into each other’s eyes will no doubt bring you closer together and remember how you fell in love.

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Send Flowers – Receiving Gifts

A bouquet of romantic flowers is always the perfect way to spoil your sweetheart. You can present them over a candlelight dinner for two as they walk in the door after a long day or send them to their office so they can show them off to their coworkers. However you gift flowers, the meaning and symbolism behind each bloom will make them swoon.

Tackle the Chores Together – Acts of Service

While doing household chores like cleaning, folding laundry, washing the car, and cutting the grass doesn’t seem romantic, lending a helping hand to your significant other and spending time tackling the to-do list together might mean the world to them. Romance Month is a reminder to never take your partner for granted and an encouragement to spend more time together being present, no matter the activity.

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Plan a Weekly Dinner Date – All Five Love Languages

Setting aside a few hours to enjoy a meal together can hit all five love languages at once, especially if you cook their favorite homemade meal. This August, pick a day of the week you will dedicate to your partner and plan a weekly dinner date, whether it’s a cozy night at home or an exciting night out on the town. Hold hands, offer to clean up or drive so your partner can relax, bring flowers for a dazzling centerpiece, tell them how lovely they are, and turn off your cell phones so you can enjoy a peaceful and romantic dinner together.

Romance Month is a celebration of love, happiness, passion, and connection. It is a way to ensure your partner knows you see them, hear them, respect them, and love them. When in doubt, flowers are here to help you speak your significant other’s love language. Whether sending them as a gift, displaying them during a special date, or writing a sweet, sentimental note on the card, Allan’s Flowers is here to keep the romance alive.


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