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Allan's Flowers & More

Posted by Rakini Chinery on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: February 18, 2020 Uncategorized

Our Five Favorite Flowers

Beautiful flowers enrich all our lives! Research shows that the flowers we select to display in our homes say much about the kind of person we are. The floral designers at Allan’s Florist love to share our favorite flowers with you. Your personal sense of style comes out when you choose flowers that represent the unique qualities of your home.


Beautiful flowers in white, lilies, roses, carnations and elegant greenery.

Loving Roses & Lilies

Classic lilies come in many varieties and always add elegance and dignity. Lilies often represent kindness and compassion. Traditionally used in more formal settings such as wedding bouquets and funeral arrangements, lilies promote a sign of respect. Perfect for showcasing in displays such as our Loving Roses & Lilies bouquet, lilies add a touch of elegance. Surrounded by foliage and rich textures, this bouquet will bring a touch of autumn to your home. Other varieties of lilies that we use include the stargazer lily and calla lilies.


Magenta colored dahlias

Magenta Colored Dahlias

Beautiful, full flowers with multi-layered petal heads, dahlias are one of our favorite flowers. Symbolizing commitment, inner strength and standing out from the crowd, dahlias are easy to grow. Native to Mexico and South America, dahlias are now grown in many places in the United States. With their many sizes and varieties, dahlias can be the focal point or add interest to almost any arrangement.


bright pink ginger flower

These exotic flowers bring a touch of mystery to your home. Technically a part of an herb that was originally cultivated in both China and India. Now, they are grown throughout the tropical areas of the world. Gingers are known for their bright colors and symmetry. These flowers add a tropical punch to any display. We love to use gingers in our displays.

Pincushion Protea

King Protea

King Protea

An ancient flower, the Protea got its name from the ancient Greek sea god, Proteus, son of Poseidon. Proteus was said to have the power to change his shape anytime he wanted to. The Protea comes in such a great number of shapes and sizes, that it seems a fitting name for the flower. The amazing texture included in our designs showcase what pincushion protea can do for a floral design.


orange pink and red roses with orange lilies in cube vase

Uniquely Chic Bouquet

Available in so many varieties and colors, roses are romantic flowers. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy while white roses are symbolic of innocence and purity and red roses of love and beauty. With their classic fragrance and abundance, we love using roses in our bouquets. In our Uniquely Chic arrangement, several colors of roses are joined with lilies in a unique square cubed vase. The bright colors will add vibrancy to any home. With so many hues to choose from, the rose is sure to be one of your favorite flowers too.

With so many fragrant and lovely flowers to choose from, selecting favorites is not an easy task. At Allan’s Florist, we have many favorite blooms that make our arrangements work well in any home. To learn more about your favorite flower and what it symbolizes, talk to the experts at Allan’s Florist.