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Posted by Rakini Chinery on April 22, 2020 | Last Updated: April 29, 2020 Uncategorized

What Florists Are Doing to Be Eco-Friendly

Everybody is conscious of the value of selecting sustainable energy and food sources to safeguard the planet, however, you may not realize your flower bouquet or the flowers you used for your wedding or business event may be leaving a larger carbon footprint than you realize. Choosing an eco-friendly florist, though, is key to making sure the flowers you end up with were grown in a responsible and sustainable manner.  Here at Allan’s Flowers, our Prescott expert florists are devoted to offering high-quality flowers that benefit, rather than damage, the environment.

Growing Buds

What Are Sustainable Flowers?

Like sustainably developed vegetables and fruits, flowers can also be grown via environmentally accountable means. Eco-conscious growers create flowers naturally and slowly, using natural fertilizers, safe pesticides, and natural light. Sustainably grown flowers create oxygen and do not damage the people or the environment around them. Sustainable growers also limit their distribution radius, providing their flower only to nearby florists to reduce the harmful effects of long-distance shipping.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

Traits of an Eco-Friendly Florist


Shops Locally

An eco-friendly florist constantly strives to source their flowers from local, reputable growers. This reduces the shipping impact and also makes sure that blossoms are responsibly grown.

Uses Recyclable Materials

A major exercise of eco-friendly floristry is utilizing reusable materials anytime it’s possible. From reusing old newspapers for wrapping flowers instead of plastic and using natural, reusable mechanics instead of green foam, florists who reuse, recycle, and repurpose help the planet tremendously.

Minimizes Waste

Eco-friendly florists reduce waste as much as they can. This even includes donating unused flowers to hospitals as well as nursing homes or putting them in a compost.

Offers to Refill Used Vases

Sustainable florists are usually willing to refill and recycle customers’ other flower containers and vases. We encourage our corporate customers to turn in their vases when they need new flowers as well as welcome parties to send back their vases after the gathering is over and flowers are spent.

Promotes Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are usually the freshest, most gorgeous, and least expensive flowers accessible from a florist. In case these were not sufficient reasons to love them, they are also likely the most sustainably grown.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

Sustainability Does not Stop at the Florist: How You Can Help

To obtain a longer life from your sustainably grown bouquet, we suggest pressing the flowers or perhaps hanging them to dry. With dried flowers, you are able to enjoy the happy memories they brought you for decades to come. Another option to repurpose your flowers is to use them as a fertilizer for your garden or maybe a community garden. Or, you could compost them as most plants and flowers are compostable.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

The most effective way to ensure your helping the planet while enjoying beautifully aromatic flower bouquets is to shop from a local florist who you believe in. When you select a neighborhood florist rather than a nationwide delivery service, you will substantially decrease the negative effects that come with shipping flowers from abroad. Additionally, you will always get a bouquet made up of the freshest, best blooms in the area whenever you buy from a nearby florist.

Here at Allan’s Flowers,  we recycle as much as we can. We have a recycling dumpster so we could make the process as easy as possible and it fills up every week. We also accept any vases or containers customers bring into the shop. We offer them a small wrapped bouquet for making the trip. We have an arrangement with one of the local thrift shops as well. They call us when they have a few boxes of vases and we trade them a small arrangement for the 3 or 4 boxes of vases.

Let’s keep it green together!