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Posted by Rakini Chinery on October 10, 2023 Uncategorized

Why a Floral Experience Is the Ultimate Holiday Gift

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle comes a daunting task we all have to contend with: finding the right presents for everyone on your shopping list. With diverse ages and interests, selecting a thoughtful and meaningful gift can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, the trend of gifting experiences is on the rise, offering a wide range of options, from plane tickets and Airbnb stays to zoo visits and concert tickets. At Allan’s Flowers, the number one florist in Prescott, Arizona, we have great gift ideas that are sure to please all of the folks you’re shopping for: flower design classes!

Experiences Can Be Worth More Than Things

You don’t need to have minimalist tendencies to appreciate experience gifts over material possessions. Research indicates that experiences bring more happiness and fulfillment compared to physical items. “Experience gifts” offer a multi-stage journey of joy: First, there’s the excitement of getting the present, then the anticipation of the event. That’s followed by the enjoyment of the experience, and finally, savoring the wonderful memories. This happiness cycle applies to any experience gift, but a floral design class has an extra perk: you get to bring home and enjoy your own arrangement of fresh flowers.

It’s a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Flowers have an enduring charm, making them an ideal gift for any celebratory occasion, and this rings especially true during the holiday season. Their vibrant colors and fresh fragrances infuse festivity into your living spaces, whether it’s your home, office, or the dining table where gatherings occur. Floral design classes are a great two-in-one gift, combining the pleasure of creative expression with the chance to socialize with friends. The end of each class brings you sense of accomplishment, as you take home not just a memory but also a floral masterpiece to enjoy.

It’s a Fun Way to Bond With Loved Ones

Enjoying a floral design class doesn’t require artistic talent or creativity. Whether organizing a session for visiting family members or hosting a relaxed gathering with friends during the holiday season, it’s a wholesome and enjoyable way to connect with loved ones. Sharing space, appreciating each other’s efforts, and giggling at your mistakes will result in cherished memories and a joyful holiday bouquet.

Creating Something & Learning a New Skill Is Good for You

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of learning something new to yourself. Explore your artistic side by delving into the art of floristry. It’s a unique art form filled with subtleties that even experienced designers continue to discover with each creation. If your daily routine involves sitting at a desk for hours and staring at a computer screen, taking on a new creative skill can be a refreshing mental and physical challenge.

Flowers Make People Happy

Fresh flower arrangements undoubtedly bring us joy and comfort, qualities we should share abundantly during the holiday season. Their fresh holiday fragrances, seasonal colors, and pretty forms make it hard not to grin when you encounter a bouquet of blossoms. Beyond enhancing mental and emotional well-being, flowers also have a deep and beneficial influence on memory, focus, efficiency, relationships, and overall health. If you’d like to delve deeper into the topic, you can find more here.

Choosing the perfect holiday gift can be a tricky endeavor, but the trend of giving experiences has made it easier. Floral design classes offer a wholesome experience for everyone on your list, so get in touch with the experts at Allan’s Flowers to find out more.

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