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Posted by Rakini Chinery on December 30, 2020 | Last Updated: January 13, 2021 Uncategorized

10 Charming Blue Flowers You’ll Want in Your Home

When thinking of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, blue florals may not typically come to mind. But the wonderful blue hues they present are an absolute delight when added to bouquets featuring other colors or when grouped together with other blue flowers. Here at Prescott’s best florist, Allan’s Flowers, we love using blue flowers whenever possible.

Blue flowers can promote a great variety of feelings from calmness and tranquility to strength and loyalty. From light blues that resemble the sky to deeper blues reminiscent of the ocean, blue flowers offer a wide range of sensory and emotional hues.

So many shades of blue and so many different meanings… this is why we love blue flowers. Here are some of our favorites:

Beautiful Blue Flowers

Blue Hydrangea

1. Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangeas are beautiful, lush flowers that bloom in subtle shades of blue from a light powder blue to a deep ocean blue. The alkalinity of the soil in which the hydrangea is grown determines its color. The dark blue variety conveys deep understanding and strong feelings of love while the lighter blue variety symbolizes grace, beauty, and prosperity.

Blue Delphinium

2. Blue Delphinium

A tall flower with deep, true blue colors, the wonderful blue delphiniums are simple yet elegant blooms that provide excellent vertical and blue accents to any bouquet. These fun flowers stand for new opportunities and encouragement in chasing your dreams.

Blue Grape Hyacinth

3. Grape Hyacinth

These unique beautiful flowers grow in clusters resembling grapes. The colors of grape hyacinth range from lavender to indigo, pale blue to dark blue, and even white. In many cultures, they represent trust and sincerity and are also known to symbolize joy and rebirth.

Blue Bellflower against a white background

4. Bellflower

Charming and delicate with blooms in the shape of a bell, the lovely Bellflower grows in several colors ranging from light purple, pink, white, and blue. They have long stems which make them great cut flowers that are brilliant on their own or add a touch of elegance and delight to any arrangement. Known to linked to the realm of fairies, Bellflowers symbolize humility, gratitude, and everlasting love.

Blue Asters in a field of green

5. Blue Aster

In ancient times, asters were believed to be magical flowers with the ability to drive away evil spirits. They were also thought to have healing powers as well. These charming daisy-like blooms represent patience, love, and elegance.

Blue and white iris growing on green stem

6. Iris

Gorgeous and alluring, the iris flower comes in a range of colors with the blue variety being particularly regal and dazzling. Symbolizing faith, wisdom, hope, and valor, blue irises are a stunning addition to arrangements as well as grouped together on their own.

Forget Me Not Flowers

7. Forget-Me-Nots

A charming yet small flower, the Forget-Me-Not has a bold presence. Bright blue petals surrounding a bright yellow center really makes these blooms stand out. So much so, that according to a 15th-century legend, anyone who wears these flowers will not be forgotten by their loved ones. Symbolizing faithful love and loving memories, this is a popular bloom for romantic moments.

Blue cornflowers growing

8. Cornflower

A stunning all-blue flower, the cornflower is a favorite of gardeners for adding a pop of bright blue color to their gardens. Florists love them for this same reason. The vibrant and cheery cornflower symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and an abundance of good fortune.

Blue Orchid blooms up close

9. Blue Orchid

Rare, exotic, and highly coveted, blue orchids are truly striking. These gorgeous blooms stand for perfection, opulence, and beauty.

single Blue Anemone against green leaves

10. Blue Anemone

The beautiful blue anemone brightens any home with its charmingly unique look of large radiating petals centered around a dark, bulbous center. Anemones are believed to magical and bring good luck with blue anemones, in particular, symbolize protection from evil.

bouquet of white dendrobium orchids, blue hydrangea with a touch of glitter and bear grass in a cut glass vase b

Gatsby New Year

The next time you want to send an uplifting and beautiful gift of flowers to someone, or to yourself, choose one with blue flowers in it like our Gatsby New Year which has beautiful blue hydrangeas complementing the white and green florals for an elegant and sophisticated look. Peruse our selection of gorgeous flower arrangements now.