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Posted by Rakini Chinery on January 8, 2020 | Last Updated: February 18, 2020 Uncategorized

Beat the Rush and Impress Your Special Love by Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

Each year on Valentine’s Day, florists deliver millions of flowers to help people express their love for one another. At Allan’s Flowers in Prescott, we can attest to the fact that Valentine’s Day is by far the busiest day in the world of flowers. That’s precisely why we always recommend that our clients order Valentine’s Day flowers early. No matter how romantic spontaneity can be, Valentine’s Day isn’t the day to celebrate spur of the moment decisions. Make sure your well-prepared by making your reservations, picking out gifts, and ordering your flowers before Valentine’s Day actually arrives. 

Long Stemmed Red Roses in glass vase

Always on My Mind-Long Stemmed Red Roses

Top Reasons to Order Flowers Early for Valentine’s Day

Save Money

Flowers are often reduced in price prior to Valentine’s Day, and many florists provide discount incentives to customers who wish to order Valentine’s Day flowers early. Ordering early will almost definitely save you money on flowers – money you can put toward a fancy dinner, thoughtful gift, or romantic activity when February 14th arrives.

Avoid Stress

Waiting to make any preparations on Valentine’s Day is a sure-fire way to stress yourself out. For many, Valentine’s Day is an important holiday and expressing affection, care, and love on this day are equally important. With so much riding on the holiday, you can make sure you and your special someone have a wonderful day of celebrating your love by preparing everything in advance. To avoid any stressful situations, make your dinner reservations, pick out gifts, and order your flowers before Valentine’s Day arrives.

Yellow Rose Bouquet

Yellow Rose Bouquet

Easy Delivery

Since Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for florists, it’s also the busiest day of the year for floral delivery drivers. Ordering early will make sure you can have your flowers delivered at the exact time and location you desire without any conflicts or delays.

Choose from a Complete Selection

To make sure your significant other’s favorite flowers or the floral design you want to order is still available and doesn’t sell out, it’s best to order before Valentine’s Day. Since the demand is so high for flowers on Valentine’s Day, it’s not unusual for red roses and special Valentine designs to sell out quickly.

Build Up the Romance

This year, February 14th falls on a Friday, which makes it the perfect opportunity to build up the romance and anticipation throughout the week. Have your flowers delivered on Monday to show you’re excited and well-prepared for the holiday, and they’ll be in full bloom – just like the romance – by the time Valentine’s Day arrives.

bountiful blend of roses, alstroemeria, stock and asters in cheerful shades of pink, yellow and lavender

Goodness and Light

Romantic Rose Arrangements for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Some of the most popular choices for Valentine’s Day are long-stemmed, red roses, which symbolize romantic love, making them perfect for a holiday that celebrates love, romance, and feelings of affection. If you plan to order red roses or another special Valentine’s Day design for your significant other this February 14th, it’s even more important to put your flower order in ahead of the holiday.

At Allan’s Flowers, we welcome you to browse our selection and order online, to stop by our flower shop, or to give us a call for personalized guidance and assistance when selecting flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone.