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Posted by Rakini Chinery on September 6, 2023 Uncategorized

Spooky Floral Creations for Your Haunted House

As spooky season arrives in fall, it’s time to don cozy sweaters, dim your lights, light your favorite seasonal candles, enjoy Halloween movies, and give your home a haunted makeover with seasonal decorations and fresh flower arrangements. With a wide range of autumn flowers available at Allen’s Flowers, the top florist in Prescott, Arizona, we’re here to help you discover the spookiest and eeriest blossoms that perfectly match your haunted aesthetic. From deep and muted colors to unexpected textures of the season – not to mention ghoulish shapes and Halloween embellishments – there are numerous ways to create a bouquet with a haunted mansion vibe without relying on the usual bright orange Halloween charm.

Vase Choices

When creating a creepy flower arrangement, first you should consider the vase holding the bouquet of blooms. To align with a Halloween vibe, you can use skulls, jack-o-lanterns, cauldrons, or even old-fashioned teapots for that haunted house feel. Classic vases in colors like gray, black, green, or a muted fall shade also create seriously spooky setups.

Deep & Dark Colored Blooms

It’s not unexpected that haunted flower arrangements often feature dark-colored blooms, such as red amaranthus, deep purple calla lilies, black baccara roses, and even red, burgundy, or brown sunflowers. While these flowers are beautiful throughout the year, they especially stand out during fall. Yet, their intense, almost black colors add a fresh and eerie touch to Halloween and the spooky season.

Light & Ghostly Colored Blooms

Another way to infuse a spooky feel into arrangements during this season is by relying on strong contrast. While black and dark shades create drama, white flowers can introduce ghostly vibes. Incorporating quicksand roses, white ranunculus, white chrysanthemums — mainly white spider mums — and even dusty miller will eerily complement the darker blooms. Skillfully using these white flowers in an understated design can mimic the appearance of ghosts hovering or moving above tombstones.

Fall Accents

Flowers by themselves can be a wonderful touch for your spooky home decor. However, taking it a step further with seasonal details will capture the essence of autumn. Purple filler flowers and creepy scabiosa pods add a nice touch to any fall arrangement. Twisting branches into eerie shapes, incorporating feathers as a nod to ravens or crows, and using dried floral elements will create a genuine Halloween ambiance and capture the season’s spirit.

Halloween Elements

Add classic Halloween decorations to flank your floral arrangement to complete the spooky setup. Position it near black cats, skeleton hands, eyeballs, bats, bugs like spiders, crystals, a witch’s spellbook, and other eerie items to craft a chilling scene. You can even incorporate Halloween accessories within the bouquet for an extra touch of creepiness. Whether on a mantel, dining table, or countertop, this setup creates a heightened haunted house vibe that’s fun and elevated.

Let your haunted mansion bloom with eerie elegance this spooky season with the help of Allan’s Flowers. From ghostly whites to deep darks, your fall floral arrangements can create a captivating and chilling atmosphere. With a touch of seasonal accents and classic Halloween decor, your home will embody the spirit of the season.